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Tips on Washing Dogs using Dog Shampoo 

Bathing a dog looks easy for most people who don’t own one. If you are a dog owner already, we know the pains you go through to get that shiny coat on your little friend that everyone loves to pet. Dog grooming can be tiresome, more so if your dog is restless and hates water. 

We would normally suggest taking your dog to a DIY dog wash in Tamworth that will save you from all the mess at home. But if you are willing to take up the challenge and try grooming at home, here are a few tips on how to wash a dog with dog shampoo. We hope your job becomes a little easier.

Get a dog bathtub – Before you start with the washing, we would suggest you get a bathtub for your dog. Though most people usually bathe their dogs in their own bathtub, or the sink if the dog is a small one, it is not very hygienic to be doing that. Dogs may be having fleas and ticks on their skin that may be left behind in the tub after the wash. Cleaning your bathtub later becomes another added chore. So, why not invest in an exclusive bathtub for your pet.

Brush before bathing – Always brush your dog’s coat before pouring water. Matted hair in the coat retains water, which might irritate your dog’s skin and cause skin infections. So, make sure all the loose hair is gone, and the matted hair is untangled before the wash starts.

Put cotton balls into the ears – A dog’s ears can be very sensitive to water. If water enters your dog’s ears while bathing, it may cause infection. To avoid this, make earplugs out of cotton balls to seal their ears. Insert the cotton balls loosely so that they can be easily removed after the bath.

Use lukewarm water – Never bathe your dog with water as warm as you would like it. Dogs’ skins are more sensitive to hot water than ours, and if the water is too hot for them, it may cause burns. The water should be just warm enough, as you would use for a baby’s bath. For larger breeds, let the water be a little cooler as those breeds tend to have more body heat.

Use dog shampoo onlyAvoid using normal shampoo, the ones that you use, on your dog. These “human” shampoos tend to dry their skin easily and strips their coat of the natural oils. Always use good quality dog shampoo. At Tamworth Car and Dog Wash, we only use Fido’s everyday dog shampoo, in the Tru Blu k9000 dog wash, which is natural and soap-free, manufactured under veterinary supervision. Using a good shampoo ensures that their fur remains soft and smooth. If your dog has skin problems or fleas, go for a medicated shampoo prescribed by their veterinarian.

Work it up – Once you’ve applied the dog shampoo on the wet coat, work it up by thoroughly massaging the shampoo through their coat and onto the skin. Let the shampoo lather up. For dogs with long fur, massage in the direction of hair growth to avoid tangling. Do not massage the shampoo on the face and head as it might get into the eyes. Use a damp cloth with very little shampoo to clean the face instead.

Rinse out all the shampoo – Once you’ve covered the whole body with shampoo and thoroughly rubbed it through, rinse the shampoo away. Rinsing is best done with a hand-held shower or a hose and a nozzle so that the water is spread uniformly and cover more area. You can also pour water to rinse, but make sure to not pour water on the head. Rinse thoroughly so that no traces of shampoo are left behind which might irritate the skin. 

Dry it out – Lastly, dry all the water from the dog’s coat by using a towel or a blow dryer. If you use a towel, gently pat dry starting at the back. If you use a blow dryer though, keep the heat setting at the minimum or at cool and avoid blowing over the face. Drying is the last but an important step of dog grooming at home.

If you are still unsure about whether or not you want any kind of a mess at home or do not have the dog grooming supplies needed, take your dog to a good DIY dog wash in Tamworth for a refreshing bath.

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