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Our Self-Serve Dog Wash will provide dogs with an enjoyable Bath, Shampoo, Conditioner, tick and flea rinse and blow-dry experience.

How much does it cost to wash your dog at Tamworth Car and Dog Wash?

We know how dear your dog is to you. You probably leave no stone unturned to make sure that your best friend gets the best of care and all the comfort in the world. From taking care of their diet to exercising your dog, everything becomes a part of your daily routine the moment you bring a dog home. It goes without saying that taking care of your pets in every way is very important for their growth and overall health. 

Another very important part of caring for your beloved dog is grooming. Keeping your dog clean and free from ticks and fleas goes a long way in maintaining their health. Dog grooming can be done at home too, but if you are too busy or too tired after an entire week of gruelling work, you can always take your dog to a dog wash in Tamworth. While most weeks you can groom your dog at home itself, it is advisable to visit a dog wash at least once in a month or two so that your little friend gets a thorough cleaning.

Are dog washes expensive?

This is a common concern with most pet owners, and it is indeed a valid concern. Nobody would want to shell out a lot of money just for bathing their dog at a dog wash, something that they could do almost for free at home. 

So, here’s the deal. Professional groomers are expensive, dog washes, not so much. 

Professional groomers

A professional groomer usually charges depending on the breed and the size of the dog, the kind of dog grooming supplies you would like to be used and the type of services you require. They have other services too, apart from washing, such as dog nail trimming, fur trimming and other grooming services. And to add to it, the interiors of most animal grooming salons these days are just as good as beauty salons for humans, and that involves a cost. No wonder dog groomers are so expensive. The average range of dog grooming costs is usually about $30 to $90.

Mobile dog wash

If you are not looking for complete professional grooming but only a thorough wash, you could also try availing the services of a mobile dog wash. These are vans equipped with all the dog grooming tools and supplies. These vans drive up to your home to groom or wash your dog. You don’t have to worry about driving your dog to a groomer and can enjoy the weekend at home. The problem, though, is that these services too are a little on the costlier side. Since the mobile dog washers have to drive up to your home, they usually charge based on the distance. If you live in a remote area or your home is not very easily accessible, that may increase the costs. Again, the type of service you choose will also be a deciding factor. Most standard mobile dog grooming services charge something between $30 and $50.

Do it yourself dog grooming

The next and probably the cheapest option you have is to take your dog to a DIY dog wash. In a DIY dog bath or dog wash, you can wash your dog yourself using the resources present at the washing station. Many good dog wash services use the k9000 dog wash, which is a coin or card-operated dog wash system made by Tru Blu Dog Wash. This is a great way to give your dog a thorough bath without having to mess up your house. The Tru Blu k9000 dog wash is a convenient system where your dog can have enough space to comfortably move around but not enough to create a ruckus during the bath. So, you can finish bathing it at one go without any fuss. The system uses Fido’s everyday dog shampoo, crème conditioner, flea and tick rinse and disinfectant to give your furry friend a thorough cleaning and protection from fleas and ticks. The best part about this is that all of these steps and such a thorough wash will still cost you much less than the other options. At Tamworth Car and Dog Wash, you only have to pay $10 for every 10 minutes of availing this service. 

Now you can decide what your much-loved companion needs and how much that would cost you.

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