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DIY Dog Wash at Home vs. at a Dog Wash Station

Professional dog grooming is an expensive business, and not everyone can afford to take their dogs to these costly grooming salons every time a wash is needed. In fact, there is no need to take your dog to professional dog groomers in Tamworth regularly, unless your dog aims to be a pageant winner, of course. You can go to a groomer when your dog needs a good trimming or hasn’t bathed for weeks, and you need to get rid of the dirt and matted hair from their body. At other times, though, just a little bit of your time and effort is enough for a good clean up.

Do it Yourself dog grooming is nothing but a thorough wash and a little treatment against fleas and ticks. That is all you need to keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy usually. You can do the dog grooming at home if you have all the necessary dog grooming supplies, or you could take your dog to a dog wash station where the supplies are already provided. 

If you are confused as to which of these is the better option, here are a few points of comparison that might help you decide.

ConvenienceYour convenience should be of foremost importance in any case. Grooming your dog at home might be convenient from the point of view that you don’t have to go anywhere. So, you save time and gas. But that time will anyway be spent on cleaning up after the wash. The only thing you’re saving here is gas then. At a DIY dog wash station, you just have to walk in with your buddy, put them into the washing area and select the stages of washing one after another while pampering your dog with a gentle but thorough wash. Not only does your dog get to spend time with you, but you also enjoy the activity as there is no mess made and no clean-up required. Once the wash is done, you can both happily go back home and relax.

CostGoing to a DIY dog wash may look like a more expensive choice when compared to grooming at home, but give it a thought. Even when you are washing your dog at home, you will need all the resources, from dog shampoo to water to anti-flea and tick powders. All of these supplies are quite expensive, and though it doesn’t feel like it, you are still spending money while grooming your dog at home. At a DIY dog bath, the supplies are all provided by the facility. The cost of the entire wash also comes up to a very nominal amount. For instance, at Tamworth Car and Dog Wash, you only need to pay $10 for every 10 minutes of use. Since you only go in for a wash once in a week or two weeks, this isn’t too expensive.

Space – Another constraint that most people have at home is space. If you don’t have any open spaces outside, you have to wash your dog cramped up in your shower or the bathtub. It is inconvenient for both you and your dog. For people with a spacious home, this is not a concern, of course. At a DIY dog wash, there is enough space for your dog to move around comfortably, but at the same time, it keeps your dog confined enough to not let them create a mess. You also do not have to crouch or kneel to scrub and wash your dog as the washing station is usually at a standard height. At Tamworth Car and Dog Wash, we use the Tru Blu k9000 dog wash, which is a very convenient self dog wash system with sufficient space and easy operation.

Cleanliness – Grooming your dog at home means having to clean bathroom walls of all the hair, cleaning the clogged drains and disinfecting the bathtub after the washing is done. This will easily take you another half an hour after the actual wash. At a DIY dog wash, you don’t have to worry about cleanliness as the facility usually ensures that the washing stations are clean. Apart from that, with systems like the Tru Blu k9000 dog wash used at Tamworth Car and Dog Wash, the washing tub is cleaned with Fido’s effective disinfectant, which is antibacterial, antifungal and an algaecide, but also safe for pets. This ensures that your dog doesn’t catch any infection from the wash station.

With all these factors in place, it is wise to occasionally take your dog to a good dog wash in Tamworth and save yourself some of the hassles of a home grooming.

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