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DIY Dog Wash or Mobile Dog Grooming? The Pros and Cons of Each

Bathing your dog at home can be difficult as it is obviously a messy affair, and you don’t always have the patience to see it through. In such a case, there are other options you can try instead of doing it yourself at home. There are numerous professional dog grooming salons these days, but your dog does not always need that expensive grooming. You can go for comparatively cheaper options like a mobile dog grooming or a DIY dog wash in Tamworth.

We drew a comparison between these two options, just to make it easier for you to choose the one you need.

Mobile dog grooming

Mobile dog grooming services usually refer to grooming services offered at your doorstep by vans that are equipped with all dog grooming supplies and equipment. These mobile dog groomers will drive to your house and provide services like bathing, dog nail trimming, fur trimming, ear cleaning and other grooming activities. So, this is almost like a portable grooming salon. This service is particularly useful for you if your dog is overly sensitive to car rides or doesn’t like being in an unfamiliar environment.  Here are the pros and cons of a mobile dog grooming service that will help you understand better:


  • Time-saving: Driving all the way to a grooming salon, waiting for your turn and then driving back home after the session can mean half of your day gone. Having a groomer attend to your dog at your home can save you a lot of precious weekend time. 

  • Convenient: There is no doubt about it that at-home services are always more convenient, both for you and for your dog. Your dog remains calm as they are in their safe space. You don’t have to worry about cleaning the mess afterwards; everything would be taken care of by the groomers. Most of the businesses offering mobile dog grooming in Tamworth also have flexible timings to fit in your schedule, unlike grooming salons.


  • Cost: One problem with mobile dog groomers in Tamworth, though, is that they are quite expensive. They may not be as expensive as a grooming salon, but will still cost you more than a do it yourself dog grooming or a simple dog grooming at home. The cost may also increase depending on distance and accessibility.

  • Location: Where you live will be a major factor deciding whether you can avail a mobile grooming service or not. If you live in a place where a normal van wouldn’t be able to reach, the mobile groomers would likely not attend to you. Apart from that, some gated communities also have restrictions to unknown vehicles entering, which means you’ll have to get prior permission, which again becomes a task for you.

DIY dog wash

DIY dog washes are those in which you can simply walk in with your dog and use the equipment already provided to give your dog a thorough wash. Most good DIY dog washes, including Tamworth Car and Dog Wash, use the Tru Blu k9000 dog wash. This is an advanced self dog wash system where you can bathe your dog yourself with all the quality supplies that include Fido’s everyday shampoo, crème conditioner, flea and tick rinse and disinfectant. 

Here are the pros and cons of using a Tru Blu k9000 DIY dog wash:


  • Convenient: The biggest plus point with a DIY dog wash is that your home remains clean. Even with mobile dog groomers working in your house, some mess is always created. With a DIY dog wash, you have nothing to worry about. Just bring your dog in, give them a nice refreshing bath and drive back home together.

  • Affordable: A DIY dog wash is the next cheapest option you have for a dog wash in Tamworth, after home grooming. At Tamworth Car and Dog Wash, using the Tru Blu k9000 DIY dog wash will only cost you $10 for every 10 mins.

  • Happy doggy: Your pampered little pet can’t be happier getting a bath from someone else, no matter how professional the groomer. With a DIY dog wash, your dog will be relaxed and happy getting a bath from their beloved human, and not an unknown intruder.


  • Driving to the facility: The only problem you might have if your dog doesn’t enjoy car rides is driving it to the facility. The rest of it is ensured to go smoothly.

  • Only bathing: A DIY dog wash doesn’t usually have other grooming services like fur trimming, nail clipping, ear cleaning or such if that is what you are looking for.

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