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Dog Wash
Our Self-Serve Dog Wash will provide dogs with an enjoyable Bath, Shampoo, Conditioner, tick and flea rinse and blow-dry experience.

DIY / Self Serve Dog Wash & Grooming Tamworth

Our self-serve dog wash in Tamworth is open every day 7am till 9pm.

Our revolutionary K9000 Dog Wash unit provides you with a safe, convenient area to wash your dog.

Forget squeezing your reluctant dog into a tiny laundry sink, creating mess up the walls, on the floor and often - throughout the house.

No longer will you need to hire expensive professional dog groomers to simply bath your adventurous doggy friend.

Use our super simple and hygienic area, where you and your pampered pooch have room to move without the fear of mess or having your dog experience the stress of being handled by someone new.

Our dog wash unit has temperature controlled water and gives you the choice of shampoo, conditioner, flea rinse and a blow dry to finish. We use Fidos quality Dog Products to ensure your dog is receiving the best available.

Our DIY dog wash and dog grooming unit provides a convenient solution for dog washing, without the mess occurring in your own home, and without the expense of hiring a professional mobile dog groomer to do it for you.

Safe Dog Wash Zone

Protect Your House & Carpets

A clean dog equals a much cleaner, fresher smelling house. Regular bathing will protect your carpets and furniture – and ensure a hygienic living environment at all times for both you and your family.

If you or someone close to you suffers from allergies, or if your dog is particularly prone to losing lots of hair, keeping him washed and groomed will decrease the amount of hair and allergens in your home.

With this convenient service you can finally bath your dog as often as you need.

Your house (and visitors) will certainly thank you – and your beloved pooch will too!

Returning From An Outdoor Adventure?

Our dog wash, alongside our car wash facilities is also super handy on your way home from those weekend outdoor adventures or camping trips. Now, on your way home, you can easily wash both your car AND your mucky dog in one hit.

Improve Your Canines Health & Happiness

Washing your dog on a regular basis helps to keep his/her skin and coat as healthy as it can be. It also helps you discover and treat many potential skin irritations or issues, particularly for the longer-coated pets.

Dog Wash Tamworth Pricing

Our dog wash unit is charged at a low, flexible $10 per 10 minutes.

Whether you need a quick hose off, or to give your pet a thorough grooming it works out very affordably in comparison to the standard professional pet grooming cost.

Remember to check out our Pet Treats in the vendor at the dog wash, with three choices of treats Beef Liver, Bulls Beef Jerky or Porky Pig Chews all $3 a great way to reward your dog after a wash.

Bring your much-loved dog down to Tamworth Car & Dog Wash for a hassle-free dog bathing experience!

Treats for your dog after a bath
Treats for your dog after a bath

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