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Touchless Car Wash Compared vs. Drive Through Car Wash

Drive through car washes have always been fascinating. It is an amazing experience to sit inside your car while massive brushes clean the outside with sprays of water. Particularly if you have kids, it’s all the more exciting for them. But of late, many people have expressed concern over using drive through automatic car washes. 

Many who have been using these automatic car washes complain about the process leaving scratches and swirls on their car’s paint finish. We all love our cars and take all the care in the world to avoid a single scratch on it. But if in taking care of your car itself the damage is caused, it is definitely upsetting. Should you avoid an automatic car wash then? 

Of course, not. Firstly, not everyone has the time to painstakingly wash their car by hand, and washing by hand doesn’t ensure a scratchless finish either. Secondly, technology has changed with time, even in the car wash business. You don’t have to be terrified of automatic car washes any more because there are new methods now that cause no harm to your beloved car at all.

What is a drive through car wash?

A drive through car wash, or as many like to spell it, a drive-thru car wash, is one in which you drive your car through the entire washing process. This means you’re sitting inside your car, with the windows rolled up, of course, while the outside is cleaned. Most old-school drive through car washes have these massive spinning brushes. You must have seen them in some Tamworth car washes for sure. These brushes are made of tough fibre material to make them last longer. They look like they would be soft on the car, but these tough bristles can be quite harmful to the clear coat on your car’s body. Repeated scrubbing with these brushes in a drive through can cause very minute scratches and swirls that are visible under light. This gives the car a dull appearance, and the shine is gradually lost. 

There are some other automatic car washes that use a soft cloth instead of the brushes. These are supposed to be gentler on the car, but the chances of scratching cannot be eliminated still. There might be fine dust particles stuck to the cloth that can still cause some damage. 

These problems have led to innovations in automatic car wash technology, and the touchless method of automatic car washing was created.

What is a touchless car wash?

A touchless car wash, also called a no touch car wash, as the name suggests, is a method of washing vehicles with no machinery of moving parts touching the vehicle. In a touchless car wash, like the one at Tamworth Car and Dog Wash, you park the car in the washing bay and let the system do the rest. This method uses sprays of pressurised jets of water to clean the car. 

Several nozzles spray the car with water first to wet the surface. Then a cleaning solution is sprayed, which acts as the car shampoo. This cleaning solution is allowed to sit on the car’s surface for a short time to loosen all the dirt and grime. This first solution is an alkaline solution. Next, another solution, which is slightly acidic in nature, is sprayed over the first layer, and again, some dwelling time is allowed. These chemicals break the bond that the dirt has with the surface and makes it easier to wash away. Then jets of clean water are sprayed, and all the chemicals and dirt are washed away. 

After the cleaning is done, a thin coating of clear coat protectant is applied to the surface, and the car is sent through a spot-free rinse system that removes any traces of water from the surface. As you can see, this entire process has no cleaning brushes or cloth coming in contact with the car.

As compared to the normal drive through car washes, these touchless car washes, that use a reliable system like the Storm, are much safer for your vehicle’s exterior. No scrubbing means no scratches. So, next time you’re looking for a car wash in Tamworth, make sure you try out a no-touch car wash. 

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