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We all love to watch our cars go into an automatic car wash and come out of it all sparkly clean. Have you ever wondered how your car gets cleaned in an automatic car wash without any human hands on it? Such are the marvels of the modern world. Let’s find out what happens inside that Tamworth car wash you just took your car to.

Types of Car Wash

Car washes are divided into four types: 

  • Full service – where the inside and outside of your car are thoroughly cleaned along with carrying out other routine maintenance work.
  • Exterior only – where only the outside of your car is cleaned while it moves on a conveyor belt with automated parts doing the cleaning one step at a time
  • Exterior rollover – where the car is parked in one fixed position while the automated machines do all the cleaning.
  • Self-service – where you can drive into the car wash and use the resources there to clean your car on your own.

We are more interested in the automated car wash systems, though. Automatic car washes may have any of the following three methods of cleaning – rotating fibre brushes, soft cloth friction wash, or touchless wash. Most of the older car washes had these huge rotating fibre brushes. These brushes are a little harsh on your cars paint finish. Modern car washes, though, use either soft cloth scrubbers or are touchless. In the soft cloth friction washes, a very soft felt material is used to clean the surface of the car. This soft fabric minimises the chances of leaving any scratches on the car’s surface and provide a much gentler wash.

The best and most recent method that is used today is the touchless car wash. In this method, no part of the machine comes in contact with the car and yet the cleaning is better than ever. In a touchless car wash, high-pressure jets of water are sprayed on the car’s exterior to give it a thorough wash.

How does an automatic car wash operate?

The basic principle in automatic car washing is the same as in hand washing. You first soap up the surface, scrub, rinse and then dry out the water from the car’s body. 

In an automatic car wash, you drive into the car wash area and park the car in the wash bay. After turning off the car and leaving it on neutral, your job is done. In the washing bay, sensors send a signal to the digital control system that the car is in position, and the car wash process begins. 

First of all, any dust and dirt on the surface are removed by jets of water sprayed from many orifices powered by a huge pressure washer. Then the car is sprayed with car shampoo solution, using pressure washers again. The car then passes through a mitter curtain, which is a series of strips of soft cloth hanging from a frame at the top of the tunnel. The frame is motorised to move such that the strips of cloth rub the surface of the car gently back and forth. A foam applicator then applies the deep cleansing foam on the car’s surface through nozzles. 

After this, the car moves through a set of scrubbers which are soft cloth strips attached to long vertical poles. The cloth strips lash against the car, cleaning it with the foam. The foam is then removed with a blast of clean water from a set of nozzles, taking away all the dirt and grime with it. The car is then rinsed with clean water once again to remove any traces of soap or dirt. 

The last step is to pass the car through a low-pressure system that sprays car wax on the surface, and the car is scrubbed gently to give it a new shine. A dryer evaporates any water remaining on the surface.

A touchless car wash, such as the Storm, manufactured by MrMagic Automation, operates the same way except that there are no scrubbers in its system and all the cleaning is done by jet wash alone. The drying is done by a spot-free rinse system that removes any traces of water left. This is a much safer method of automatic car washing. You can have a first-hand experience of no touch car wash at Tamworth Car and Dog Wash.

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