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Why Touchless Car Washes are Better

To begin with, let us understand how touchless car washes are different from normal automatic car washes. Most of the older car washes clean cars with the help of huge spinning brushes with bristles made of tough fibre. Those that do not use brushes use strips of soft cloth that lash against the car to clean it. In both these cases, though, the moving scrubbers tend to damage the clear coat of your car’s paint finish. 

This is a growing concern among car owners, and many have given up on automatic car washes completely. But have you heard of a touchless car wash in Tamworth? If not, then it’s high time you visit Tamworth Car and Dog Wash for your next servicing. A touchless car wash eliminates all those problems that owners face with traditional car washes.

Why are touchless car washes better?

Touchless car washes are a much safer method of automatic car washing, which make use of pressurised water to clean your car. There are no scrubbers in this method of car washing, and that is why the name, touchless car wash. As there are no moving parts in contact with the body of your vehicle, the chances of getting scratches or swirls on the surface are minimum. This means that your car will retain its shine and no hazing or dulling will occur, unlike the other automatic car wash methods.

Not just in automatic car washes, scratches may be caused even when you wash your car by hand. The dirt and dust on the surface of the car may not be completely washed away in the first rinse. If you wipe your car with even little specks of dirt on it, no matter how soft a cloth you use, there is every chance of scratching the paint. This may not be noticeable initially, but over time, you will see that even with hand washing, your car shows some dulling and loss of shine. You can never be too careful when it comes to shining up your car.

With no touch car wash, though, these issues don’t arise. Imagine just spraying your car with water and soap to clean it up. How can that cause any damage to the surface? Of course, this method doesn’t work very well at home because the pressure of the water is too low to clean the dirt thoroughly. Also, using normal car shampoo will not be able to take off all the grime and dirt. 

In automatic touchless car washes, the water jets come from pressure nozzles that make the cleaning much more effective. The chemicals used for cleaning are also much stronger than normal car shampoo. These chemicals react with the dirt sticking to the car and loosen it by breaking the bond so that it can be easily washed off without any scrubbing involved. That is how a touchless car wash is different from any other car wash method, be it automatic or manual.

Be mindful of these few things

Though we are confident about the safety of touchless car washes as compared to other methods, there are a few things that should be kept in mind so that the best results are obtained. Because, after all, it is a bunch of machines doing the job and unless the people operating them are careful, the machines will only work as programmed. 

Firstly, since the water jets hit the car at high pressure to clean away the dirt, it is important that there are no broken or loosely attached parts on your car’s exterior. Any cracked or loose parts may get further damaged or may fall off under the pressure of the water jets. In case of such damages occurring, the car owner is usually held responsible since this must be known already.

Secondly, many people have a concern over the chemicals used for cleaning in touchless car washes. Yes, these chemicals are stronger than normal shampoo, and if they are left for too long on the car, they may dull the paint finish. But all touchless car washes are programmed to wash away the chemicals well within the safe time. When you are at a Tamworth car wash that uses the no-touch technology, make sure that the system is working right and don’t let them leave the chemical on for longer than required. 

You can avoid any damage and get the best results by just being a little observant.

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