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How to know if an Automatic Car Washes are Safe

Most people are a little sceptical when it comes to taking their cars to an automatic carwash service. Despite the innumerable advantages of using an automatic carwash, people are sometimes worried that it might cause damage to the shine and finish of the car. We are here to rebuild your trust on automatic carwashes. So, let us start with the simplest question here. Why do people think an automatic carwash is unsafe? 

This doubt is mostly rooted in the fact that most of the older automatic carwash services used spinning plastic brushes. These brushes turned quite coarse over time with continued use, and there was every chance that they could scratch the paint on your car. This was damaging to the paint finish on your car. Also, if the brushes were not thoroughly cleaned, there would be a build-up of soap and grime, which could also be harmful to your car. So, the mistrust surrounding automatic carwashes is legitimate and understandable.

The Change

Despite what we just told you about automatic carwashes, we still ask you to now believe that automatic carwashes are completely safe for your car. With improvements in technology over the years, the scenario has completely changed from what it was until a few years ago. Automatic car washes these days use new and improved technology to provide touchless car wash services. Brushless and no touch car wash services are much gentler on your car than drive through car washes that use soft cloth or brushes. 

Most modern car wash facilities use modern car wash equipment, which are integrated with high-pressure water jets that spray pressurised jets of water to clean your car. The water is initially combined with good quality carwash soap to thoroughly clean all the dirt and grime on the car and then rinsed with sprays of clean water to remove all traces of the dirt and the soap. No equipment comes in contact with your car, and so, there are no chances of any damage to its surface or paint finish.

Automatic carwashes are, in fact, best for your car

We wouldn’t be saying this till a few years ago, but now we can confidently say that automatic carwashes can clean your car better than any other method. Even hand washing your car with utmost care leaves some scope for scratches, dulling, and hazing on your car’s exterior. No touch car wash services are best for your paint’s longevity. There are options for drive-in or even do it yourself car wash available these days, where you can use the resources at the carwash facility to clean your car as you would like to. 

Apart from water jets cleaning the outside of your car, the interiors are also thoroughly cleaned by using vacuum cleaners to remove all the dust and dirt on the inside. Few Tamworth car wash services give you access to vacuum bays, but cleaning the inside of your car is just as important, and the hassle of vacuum cleaning at home is understood.

What to take care of?

Of course, once you take your car to an automatic car wash in Tamworth, you shouldn’t have to worry about a thing. But before you go to one, there are a few things you need to check. First of all, make sure that your car will fit in the bay with plenty of clearance space available for easy movement. This is particularly important for owners of big cars. Secondly, if your vehicle has any extra removable attachments, make sure to remove them before entering a car wash. Also, ensure there are no loosely attached or partially broken parts on your vehicle as the high-pressure jets of water may result in these parts falling off. 

These things are to be taken care of by the car’s owner as car wash service providers are not to be held responsible for such damage. As long as these few things are sorted, there is nothing else you need to worry about while taking your car to an automatic carwash.

If you are looking for an automatic car wash service in Tamworth that uses all the modern equipment and best quality products and gives your car the attention it deserves, Tamworth Car and Dog Wash is at your service.

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