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Visit our great Car Wash Service here in Tamworth

At Tamworth Car & Dog Wash we are passionate about providing the superior clean your car deserves!

For the outside of your ‘pride and joy’ we provide the highest quality cleaning products to ensure a sparkly, professional finish. Choose between our touchless automatic car wash or our comfortable self-serve bays.

For the interior, our fragrant vacuums will have your car smelling as fresh as daisies!

Saving water these days is no longer optional, it’s absolutely necessary for each and every one of us. Our machines have been designed to operate using the least amount of water possible – and it’s far better than attempting to use your own limited drinking or tank water.

No bookings required – just drive on through! We’re open 7am until 9pm, 7 days a week for your convenience. Both Tap and Go and cash are accepted by our machines.

Touch Free Automatic Car Wash

If washing your car is a bit of a hassle when your tired from a busy week, choose our automatic car wash and let our machines do the hard work for you!

Simply drive in, sit back and relax whilst our machines clean your vehicle around you.

It’s easy and it’s fast!

What’s more – our touchless car wash is completely ‘touch free’. This means our machines do not come in contact with your vehicle at any stage during the washing process.

Instead our machines use the latest technology and equipment to safely pressure wash your car from every angle, without the risk of scratches or damage.

Touch Free + Tap n Go Convenience

Self-Serve Car Wash Bays

If you prefer to give your car your personal attention to detail our self-serve car wash bays in Tamworth will allow you to do just that.

It’s affordable and you get to use our water and our professional equipment and highest quality products to clean your car.

Mud left under chassis or built up dust can damage your paintwork and create rust. Regular washing will not only help your car to look great but it will prolong it’s life as well.

Self Serve DIY fun

Vacuum Your Car Interior

Once the outside of your car is impeccably clean, just the way you like it, it’s time to get the interior sorted too with our commercial strength vacuums.

Gone are the days of trying to run awkward extension cables from your house, out to your car on the street, just to vacuum.

With our DIY dedicated vacuum bays you can easily clean the interior of your car using our hassle-free vacuum equipment. You also have the option of using a touch of fragrance to ensure your vehicle smells fresh with a choice of Vanilla, Black Ice or what many love... that New Car smell.

Vacuum Bay Interior Cleaning

Save Water AND Look After Your Car in Tamworth

We take pride in helping you to save our most precious resource – water! However, we know how important your car is to you too! Our equipment uses and recycles water as efficiently as possible whilst also allowing you to take care of your car in the way that you wish to.

With our convenient hours, the best car wash products and latest technology in car washing equipment, it’s never been easier to wash your car in Tamworth – be it before or after work, or over the weekend.

Don’t neglect your ‘pride and joy’ a moment longer! Detail your car from top to bottom, inside and out as often as you need.

For the cleanest, shiniest car in Tamworth – head on over to the best car wash in town, Tamworth Car & Dog Wash.


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