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We Have two types of Tokens Available

The $16.00 Token which is for use in the Touch Free Auto this gives you the ultimate wash which includes the Under Body Wash, Pre Soak, Foaming Soap, High-Pressure Rinse, Carnauba Triple Shine, Clear Coat Protectant and the spot-free rinse. 

Buy 10 or more tokens and receive 2 Free tokens to use in the Touch Free Auto. 

$5 Tokens are for use in the self Serve Bays where you can select and use what services suit to clean your car.

  1. Stop a safety feature that stops the equipment time counts down.
  2. Apply Tyre/Engine cleaner wait two minutes clean with high pressure soap.
  3. Apply ore soak to entire vehicle from bottom up then wash with high pressure soap.
  4. High Pressure Soap Apply High Pressure Soap to entire vehicle from bottom up.
  5. Foaming Brush Apply high pressure soap prior to using brush. Wash brush prior to use.
  6. High Pressure Rinse , Rinse entire vehicle from top down. 
  7. Splatter Wax, Splatter wax protects and shines , Apply wacx to entire vehicle using splatter wax gun and rinse off with high pressure wax.
  8. High Pressure Wax, Apply wax to entire vehicle, high pressure rinse before spot free.
  9. Spot Free Rinse Apply Filtered water from the top down for a spot free rinse.
  10. Blow Dry the vehicle 

Please hang up hose when finished drying. 

These services are approx $1 a minute. The $5 Token also can be used at the Vacuum Bays, whether you choose to use the fragrant machine which offers New Car, Vanilla or Black ice Fragrance these vacuums are industrial strength making sure your car is left spotless.

Q & A

  • How do I purchase the tokens?

    Simply email us on the contact form via the website or call us on 0408383179 to arrange to place your order.
  • How long are they valid for?

    They are never ending no expiry date on the tokens.
  • How can I receive a discount?

    To receive a discount just order 10 or more tokens and we will give you 2 Free tokens that's a
  • When can I use the tokens?

    We are open from 7am-9pm every single day of the year.
  • Can you send an invoice for the tokens?

    Yes we can help with corporate accounts to simplify accounting for business clients just email us via the contact form
  • When can I collect the tokens?

    We are happy to deliver within the Tamworth area or you collect on site.
  • Can we organised to have a regular order each month?

    Yes we can definitely set up a regular delivery either each month or whatever time period suits your requirements.
  • Can we buy one token at a time for a personal gift?

    Yes most definitely we have a special gift presentation available just contact us via the website form or call us
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Our Car Wash Tokens have become so popular with our corporate clients.
Buy 10 or more tokens and we'll include 2 Free, yes that's a 20% discount and allows for easy business accounting.

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